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D'Marie's now carries Hoskins Creek Tables and Chairs. Life for the early settlers was a struggle for survival. Sheer necessity saw them develop the simple but durable tools to cope with the untamed land. From these labors eveolved the Farm Table. It was the centerpiece of the home when the home was still a log cabin. The rugged beauty and durability of this American tradition has been captured in the products produced by HOSKINS CREEK TABLE COMPANY of Tappahannock, Virginia.

Made of the strongest Southern Yellow Pine, each piece is constructed in a way that produces a table so sturdy "you can dance on it." Yet the simple lines of the of this American classic allow it to blend with the most modern decor.

Each table is individually hand-crafted by Mr. John Vaughan's shope on the banks of Hoskins Creek, a tributary of the historic Rappahannock River. It is surrounded by the same farmland and marshes that gave birth to these traditional products.